Monday, June 22, 2009

Harry Potter The Musical

Who loves theatre? (Braden) Who loves musicals? (perverts) Who wants to waste far too much time watching this video of some people who made a Harry Potter musical?! No one? Okay. Just me then, I guess. See you in two hours, stupid people who don't want to watch this...

Friday, June 19, 2009

some wonderful things made

Braden and Sara are the most beautiful of all beauties.

Sometimes I listen to Andrew Bird while napping

Bonnaroo was so fantastic! I would post a full recap but that would take too long and no one would want to read the whole thing, so I'll make a list of the best parts (people like lists, right?):

strange torrential rain the first day

straw hats
David Byrne wearing a tutu while singing "Burning Down the House"
The Mars Volta (especially their strangely sexy and funny lead singer)
sweaty morning yoga
making Spaghett!ios hobo-style
taking a beautiful nap while Andrew Bird was playing
seeing Max Weinberg drum it up
Michael and Michael (and Aziz!)
dancing frantically on a board to Okkervil River
imagining Parker's day alone, montage style
half-priced hotdogs
long discussions of motorboating
Raffi on the ride home