Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Starting (Again)

Hello. I'm wondering if anyone will even notice that I've posted on my blog, because it's been more than a year since my last post. But I came across this today and have decided to start writing here again, even if nobody notices. I think this place was a really nice outlet for my thoughts and silly Hot Pocket experiments (may they rest in peace) so I'm going to continue them! In less than a week I'm going on a spectacular road trip, so perhaps I'll make a bit of a travelogue documenting my thoughts and adventures and experiments that arise from that trip.

Right now though, I'm starting these playlists. I had this idea years ago to make playlists not for a person or a type of music but instead making playlists built around a thought, or a time of day, or a place and to play them during their corresponding moments on a road trip. So I'm starting to make some in preparation for this trip. I don't have the list of ideas that I came up with, but here's some that I remember:

Windy coastal road

The mountains at night

Everybody's grumpy and needs to remember that they love each other

Stay awake


It's fucking hot out

There's some more, but those are what I remember. I'm really excited to start making them! Alright, blog, that's all for now, but I promise I'll be back soon for another nice post.


  1. Ruth. You need to make "stay awake" more specific. That's my thought.

    Also, I am a stranger that you have never met.

    I am eating a very disappointing sandwich and there is a little bit of phlegm in my throat maybe mixed with a little bit of sandwich.

    Also I just need to tell you that your idea of these special playlists makes me the happiest pappy on the bappy!! I love it so much! Can we road trip together forever together and always just play one that is like a mixture of ocean (because that is where we will be), mountains (i mean duhh), and bfpf (best friend pips forever)?

    okay love you, I hope someday we will meet. I am from Finland.

  2. Mm, I always notice you baby. AI AI AIIIEEE!! spicy hot.

  3. So tell me, is this background on your blog actually a picture of your armpit up close? I am collecting armpits and I think that yours is a top notch representation of the species I am missing from my extensive research! Please call me at 555-6767. My name is Nancy and I am working on a case called "The secret of the old armpit clock" and I could use all the help I can get!

  4. Hey pooper! I'm glad to see that your blog is up and running again! I have missed it.

    I love those ideas for playlists! Can't wait to hear all of them sound deliciously in my ear drums. I wanted to let you know that if you hear a strange giggle-like noise in your car while you are driving, that is definitely not me stowing away and jumping in the ocean when you get there.

    Okay love you very very much. SO much.

    Your pippy poop

  5. Dear Anonomisses and or Annonomisters,

    1. We are each of us making our own "Stay Awake" playlists, so it is just whatever music will keep us awake as we're driving.

    2. I am sorry about your sandwich. Perhaps you could make a nice salomi and swiss sandwich instead. Perhaps also with some tomates and or potates.

    3. Yes, we can road trip forever, but I think we should meet first. Perhaps we can snuggle while watching all the Taun Taun scenes from Czar Warz.

    4. dear second anonomous, that is very nice of your to say!

    5. Nancy, no this is a picture of Chewbacca's butt up close and personal. He is my boyfriend, and is very proud of his butt hair. Sorry I can't help you with your mistery.

    And my dear Pip,
    I'm glad your glad and I wish you could come with us on our road trip! You would definitely get all the snuggles and Mikhail and Braden wouldn't get any!

  6. I noticed! Just now! Also please please tell me a certain song will be on the "it's fucking hot out" mix